How much cake will I need?

"I have x no. of guests. How much cake will I need?" 🤔

This is a question which both bakers and customers ask. This depends on a lot of things. Your budget 💰, your menu 🍴, whether you’re serving only the cake as a dessert 🍰 or is it part of a dessert table 🍪🍩🍮🍦etc.,

I don't sell cakes by its weight. I work based on its size. Because a 1 kg mud cake with ganache is much smaller in size than a 1 kg sponge with whipped cream. If there is no cake for all guests at the party, it will just ruin the atmosphere. You don't want that to happen ever. Remember what Julia Child once said? A party without a cake is just a meeting. 😀😀 So always give your clients the right numbers.

Here is a chart which you can use as a guideline. Every baker will have their own version. This is mine. The figures here are calculated based on the cake diameter & the standard 4" height.

Hope you will find this information useful! 😊