Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

In my world, brownies fall under two categories - Cakey and Fudgy. If you love cakey brownies, please turn back. There is nothing here for you. If you love the fudgy ones, please scroll down. You are in for a real treat.

Brownies are usually made with melted chocolate, flour, fat and eggs. Some recipes have cocoa powder in the place of melted chocolate and some have a combination of both. I have always been partial towards brownies made with melted chocolate. I’ve tried my fair share of cocoa brownies but they were mostly cakey and dry. No recipe has come close to its chocolate counterparts in terms of texture and flavour. Not until now.

The first bite of these brownies left me pleasantly surprised! I couldn’t believe that something so fudgy and rich could be made with cocoa powder! It is the combination of cocoa powder and butter (a LOT of it) which makes these so wonderfully moist. Use the best quality cocoa you can find because that’s where all the flavour comes from. With low grade cocoa, you will still have a fudgy texture but the flavour will be lacking.

So pure and intense, this brownie is every chocolate lover’s dream! Get yourself a tall glass of milk and indulge! 😊

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Adapted from Alice Medrich’s Cocoa brownies

Serves 12


Unsalted butter - 140g

Granulated sugar - 250g

Unsweetened cocoa powder - 80g

Salt - 1/4 tsp

Pure vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp

Eggs (cold) - 2 large

All-purpose flour - 70g

Chocolate chips (or) Walnuts - 1/3 cup


Pre heat oven to 175 °C.

Line a 9 inch square pan with parchment paper.

Melt butter, cocoa powder, sugar and salt over a double boiler (or) Microwave until butter is melted completely.

Cool to room temperature.

Add eggs, vanilla and combine well. The mixture will turn glossy at this stage. Do not over mix.

Add flour and mix thoroughly.

Fold in chocolate chips or nuts dusted with flour.

Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 25 - 30 mins.

The brownie is done when a toothpick inserted at the center come out moist with a few crumbs sticking to it. Cool, slice and serve!