Easy Chilli Sauce

My second meal in Singapore was at a food joint called Wee Nam Kee chicken rice. It was lunchtime and my husband told me about this famous place nearby which makes one of the best chicken rice Singapore. Until that day I had neither tasted nor heard of chicken rice. I thought why not, and we headed straight to that place.

As I waited at the table, my husband brought a tray filled with interesting items. A plate of beautifully fragrant rice, a plate of roasted chicken, a bowl of clear soup and two mini plates with chilli sauce and soy sauce. As I was processing the items on the plate, my husband quickly poured the neon coloured chilli sauce all over the rice. I am sweet-toothed with extremely low spice tolerance level. And here is this man I married pouring hot chilli sauce all over my plate. Before I could even react, he told that it brought the dish together. The bright orange coloured sauce kinda killed my appetite but the husband swore the stuff was good. I first tasted the rice and chicken, sans the chilli sauce. It was delicious. The rice was light, non-greasy and the chicken was sweet & perfectly done. I didn’t understand why an extra sauce would be required. Then I reluctantly took a bite of rice and chicken mixed with chilli sauce. BOOM it went bursting with flavours! It was hot, sharp and garlic-y, perfectly complementing the chicken rice. A couple of more bites, it just kept getting better. After that day, I found myself ordering the same stuff every time we went out. I thought I was addicted to the rice and chicken but turns out it was the sauce! At first, I could only have a spoon or two, but later I was getting extra plates of chilli sauce. I was hooked! Any item that addictive should definitely have MSG, I thought. So I wanted to try a homemade version just to check if it tasted the same as the one in food joints. And it did! :) Since then I haven’t gone back to ordering chicken rice every time, leaving us the scope to explore other local delicacies! :)


4-6 nos Bird’s-eye chillies / Chilli padi

4 nos Large red chillies

30g Ginger

20g Garlic

1 Tbsp White Vinegar

1 Tbsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 cup Lemon juice

Chicken broth / Water to adjust consistency (Optional)


Grind together all the ingredients in a blender until coarse.

Store refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 15 days.