Creamy Hot Chocolate

(Excuse us for the mobile click, please! Our camera too is on vacation)

The time between Christmas and New Year is the coolest ever! No answering emails, no calls, no deadlines, extra sleep, all that one has to do is eat and chill. Christmas may be over, but we still need to keep ourselves warm during the winter, right? And this space too needed a "Goodbye 2017" post. So, it was just an excuse for us to make a batch of our winter favourite.

When we started this little space, 4 months ago, we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It would be fun, we thought. But creating our own digital space and sharing recipes is honestly one of the most satisfying things we've done. We love good food. We find joy in sharing recipes. We believe it's the passion for these two which is bringing us loyal followers from all over the world. So we want to take a moment to thank you all for keeping us going. There have been weeks without a single post. There have been days when we were so swamped with work that we never got to answer reader mails on time. Despite all that, your support has been unconditional. Sorry if this is getting mushy. This big reader base is something we expected to happen a couple of years down the line. But you all made it happen in a short span of 4 months! We are still pinching ourselves! It's your love and support that motivate us to do more. Thank you for that and we promise to never let you down. Here's to a bigger and brighter 2018! Happy New Year!

Team Pink Oven Daily


3/4 cup Full fat Milk

3 Tbsp Heavy cream

1 Tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa powder

2-3 tsp Sugar

A dash of Vanilla

A pinch of Salt

Whipped cream (Optional)

Chocolate shavings (Optional)


  • Take milk, cream, cocoa powder, sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil.

  • Stir well till there are no lumps.

  • Add vanilla, salt and mix well.

  • Serve warm with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.