Masala Matthis


1 cup Maida 1/4 cup sooji 1tbsp Malacca Oriental spice blend mix/ Maggi masala Salt to taste 1tsp red chilli powder 1tbsp roasted sesame seeds 1tbsp kasuri methi 2tbsp lukewarm ghee Hot water to knead the dough Oil for deep frying


In a mixing bowl add all the dry ingredients and mix well.

Now add ghee and rub it well.

It should hold the shape once pressed in the palm.

Now add water little by little and prepare the dough.

Take a pinch of the dough and make lemon sized ball.

With the help of a rolling pin roll it into a flat round shaped as shown in the picture.

Prick it with the help of a fork.

Repeat it with the entire dough.

Deep fry on medium to low heat, flipping gradually.

Strain it once golden brown.